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  • Settings Plus 1.2

    Settings Plus (also Settings+) is a preference pane for the Mac OS browser Camino. It gives you quick access through Camino's setings to
  • Settings Sentry 1.0

    Stop malicous web pages, software and other types of sneakware from changingInternet Explorer settings. Works like a firewall for vulnerableInternet
  • 1-abc.net Settings Organizer 2.00

    Windows XP + Vista offer great opportunities to be customized. Unfortunately, most of these features are not available through the control panel and
  • Operator settings 1.1

    Operator settings v1.1 is a program for WM5, WM6 smartphones or PDAs. It automatically activates the previously prepared GPRS, WAP settings in your
  • DIN Settings Calculator 1.1

    The handy software utility DIN Settings Calculator is specifically designed for estimating the ski boots DIN settings. It calculates the proper DIN
  • Settings Lock 2.4.0

    Password lock Windows settings and functions Password protect 13 Windows settings and functions. These settings are: The computer clock time and
  • Elektron Settings 2.1.2376

    Elektron makes it easy to secure your wireless network, but it's no one trick pony - it can also provide RADIUS services to you other network access
  • HDMouse Settings

    The intuitive interface for the HD Mouse makes creating settings a snap. Adding to the power of the HD Mouse technology is the ability to quickly and
  • MCE Video Settings 1.0

    Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE) is an extended version of the Windows XP operating system that allows you to use your PC as a
  • Stolite Settings 1

    This is a screen saver that has red lights that look like reflections on a wet car
  • AutoRun Settings 1.2

    AutoRunSettings gives easy access to the basic Windows AutoRun settings. AutoRun can be disabled depending on the drive type and depending on the
  • Seznam Settings 1.2

    Updated version of partner DEX for Firefox 3.0.x. Please note that this DEX is for mitigating error messages a user could receive on major update,
  • Style (CSS) Settings 1.3

    This module lets you use any (custom) theme setting or Drupal variable in any of your theme style sheets (CSS). It replaces all your theme style
  • Print Settings Enforcer 1.0

    Print Settings Enforcer is used in Microsoft Point and Print Environments where clients are connecting to a print server. It will enforce the default
  • French Spelling Settings

    This add-in takes full advantage of the latest Microsoft Office 2003 French Spelling Checker and Thesaurus public update released on 4/12/05 that
  • WAGO Ethernet Settings

    You can use "Identify" button for retrying connection incase if the connection timeout occurs. You can check the COM port settings and cabling if the
  • Blue Ribbon Settings 1

    This is of a spinning blue ribbon that bounces off the sides of the monitor screen. It represents Freedom of speech in the USA and on the
  • CompizConfig Settings Manager 0.52

    The handy software CompizConfig Settings Manager makes the difficult task of configuring Compiz and Compiz Fusion plug-ins very
  • IE Settings and Favorites Backup 1.0

    Back up your Internet Explorer settings and
  • WordPerfect 10 Backup Settings 2.0

    This program is for people have customized WordPerfect 10 (2002) and need to backup these customizations and restore them. You can use this program
  • XP Keep per User Display Settings

    The Microsoft Windows XP development team has decided that all users sharing a Windows XP PC must have the same display settings -- same resolution,
  • Finder View Settings 1.2

    Finder View Settings 1.2 - global Folder View settings for Mac OS 8 New Finder and folder view settings are among the hot new features to be found
  • Happy Hanukkah 1 Settings 1

    This is a screen saver with a blue and white cloud covered Star of David moving about the screen with the saying Happy
  • WordPerfect 12 Backup Settings 2.0

    This program is for people have customized WordPerfect 12 and need to backup these customizations and restore them. You can use this program to
  • PVC and PORT parameter settings 1.5

    PVC and PORT parameter settings 1.5,provides parameters for the CFRS network based on Stratacom-platform.It likes a pvc cutter.solubility
  • Priority Settings Guardian XP 2.0.1

    With a fully tabbed interface priority settings Guardian gives you the ability to Lock your homepage, monitor refresh rate settings & more. Allows
  • Advanced Settings Tool 1.0.156

    Will run on any version of Unity, these settings are in the SA for Connection systems. Settings shown depend on version running and back end in
  • WordPerfect 10 Backup Customized Settings 1.0

    This program is for people have customized WordPerfect 10 (2002) and need to backup these customizations and restore them.No muss no fuss, no
  • WordPerfect 11 Backup Customized Settings 1.0

    This program is for people have customized WordPerfect 11 and need to backup these customizations and restore them.No muss no fuss, no remembering
  • WordPerfect 12 Backup Customized Settings 1.0

    This program is for people have customized WordPerfect 12 and need to backup these customizations and restore them.No muss no fuss, no remembering
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  • Power Wave Utilities 6.6

    The new power Wave® Manager combines the functionality of Weld Manager and power Wave® Submerged Arc Utilities into one software application.With power Wave® Manager, you can: Monitor System Status. View and adjust
  • Drive Power Manager 1.10

    Drive power MANAGER is a utility to change the power management and performance settings of hard disks and CD/DVD/BD drives. It offers detailed settings to save power, reduce noise or increase performance.Drives can be
  • Local Cooling 1.04

    You can decrease the emission of Greenhouse Gas by optimizing energy savings with free power management tool LocalCooling. It provides you detailed information about the power that is used by your system because of
  • PowerOut 5.5

    powerOut is a simple, easily used network interface for your power Management Options, letting you control with ease and from the comfort of your desk the power settings on your networked PCs.powerOut lets you set power
  • MonitorPowerOff 1.0

    Laptop PC Monitor power Off Software, power switch off, power settings xp, monitor power off, computer poweroff
  • Mz Power Manager 1.1.0

    Mz power Manager is a smart power management application, for configuring Windows power settings. It can manual/automatic switch Windows power plans, display all available power plans in system tray for a faster
  • Power Monitor Off 2

    power Off Monitor Whenever Required & Save power . To power On Monitor Just Press some Key or Move Mouse a little.Define a Hot Key using settings
  • PowerSaver Tweak 1.1.1

    powerSaver Tweak is a utility for newer powerBook models and PCI-based power Macintoshes that gives you more control over the power conservation settings than Apple's powerBook/Energy Saver control panel. Like the
  • LocalCooling 1.04

    You can use inclusive software application LocalCooling for following purposes: for reducing amount of Greenhouse Gas CO2 emissions as well as for cutting your energy bills; for taking full control over power mode
  • ES Power PDF Creator 1.0

    If you have documents in power Editor or power Creator, you will be able to convert them to PDF easily when you use the ES power PDF Creator. If your documents are in either TXT or RTF formats, you will also be able to
  • Toshiba Power Saver 7.14.05

    Easily manage the power options on your Toshiba laptop. Easily manage the power options on your Toshiba laptop. Toshiba power Saver provides a Control Panel for managing power and battery settings. Please note that,
  • UPC Fiber Power Optimizer 1.0

    The UPC Fiber power Optimizer that is designed for fulfilling the high requirements of Fiber power Internet. It works by adjusting Windows settings that increases the speed of data which is essential for working with
  • PCMator 4.5.1

    PCMator saves on your expensive power bills by scheduling power off and power on cycles that fit your busy schedule!Support for so many applications like system settings, social apps, and email. You will see how helpful
  • Power Center 2.1.2

    This Wizard will help you personalize power Center and let you get the most out of this powerful battery management software.please go through the settings carefully and click Done to Star using power
  • AMP WinOFF 5.0.1

    AMP WinOFF is a comprehensive application that allows users to schedule power management options. It includes a few handy features, such as multi-condition behavior mode. The interface is based on a window with multiple
  • SpeedswitchXP 1.52

    SpeedswitchXP is a small applet that sits in the system tray and that will allow dynamic switching of the frequencies of mobile Intel and mobile AMD CPUs under Windows XP. During the development of Windows XP, Microsoft
  • PC Power Optimizer Lite 1.00

    PC power Optimizer Lite has several categories with their sub modules to optimize your Windows XP as per your desire. With PC power Optimizer Lite now it is possible to customize menu appearance, Start menu and Taskbar.
  • Power FLV Converter 2.4

    power FLV Converter is a powerful, splendid and very simple to use application for FLV to AVI (Dixv, Vxid, WMA, MOV etc) converting. With power FLV Converter and a few clicks you can then play the downloaded flv video
  • Gradius for NES 1.0

    When you start playing Gradius game the Vic Viper works slowly and has only one weak gun. You can increase your capabilities by collecting power-ups. This game has only one power-up item and you can use it for the
  • HDD Capacity Restore 1.1

    HDD Capacity Restore is a freeware tool that allows you to restore full factory capacity of any hard drive. It recovers LBA48 modes, DCO and HPA. It does everything automatically: it extracts the factory capacity; then
  • Power on X 1.6.5

    Statistical power calculator power on X is a Mac OS X native (cocoa) program for the calculation of statistical power. The program can perform calculations of required sample size to achieve a desired power, and
  • Power Audio Pack 2.0

    power Audio Pack includes : power Audio Recorder,power Audio CD Burner,power Audio CD Ripper,power Audio Converter. Allows you to make high-quality audio recordings from any internal or external source into WAV/MP3/WMA
  • Battery Monitor 2.0

    Battery Monitor 2.0provides you with a versatile and functional software which shows current Battery and power Status. Allow to change power scheme. Save settings to file. (File will be created - Path: %APPDATA% File:
  • Social Power Software Tool 2.0

    Bases of Social power Software, Identifying P Processes of power are pervasive, complex, and often disguised in our society. The Bases of Social power of French and Raven is a theory that identifies five (six) bases
  • Combo Chaos 1.0

    Test your memory skills in this fun-packed puzzle game. Just find the matching Icons to clear the screen before it fills up. Tons of power-ups are there to help you out as you test your brain and your mouse finger. Watch
  • SoapBox Communicator 2007

    Collaborate with the power Of Now! Experience the power of instant collaboration with Coversant's collaboration client, available for Windows. Free for small businesses using SoapBox Server ExPress Share documents,
  • Easy Battery Manager

    A power management program that enables you to use the battery power efficiently Easy Battery Manager is a handy utility that was designed to enable you to use the optimal power plan for maximizing the battery
  • Power4 Gear 1.16

    ASUS power 4 Gear can provide an easy way to control the power scheme and power setting of your NoteBook. power 4 Gear will adjust the panel brightness and CPU Frequency to expand the Battery Life. power 4 Gear has
  • Faronics Power Save 3.32.2100.2288

    Be sure workstations are not wasting energy when they are not being used. Be sure workstations are not wasting energy when they are not being used. power Save uses intelligent energy management to ensure workstations
  • Power Twitter for Chrome 1.60

    power Twitter adds features to twitter.com including: -main stream inlinining of Flickr, TwitPic, New York Times, and all sorts of playable/viewable media -Link expansion -link translation to PaGE titles -custom